Tips to travel in Japan – Preparation Steps

Hi All,

Some of you must be wondering that how did I prepare myself to go to Japan and travelled there so smoothly. Yes I did have some preparation before I left as you all know its a country with different culture and language which makes it hard to travel in such countries if you are not much familiar with the customs and the language. I had some hiccups where I had trouble asking for directions along with boarding the wrong bus and some other small things that are part of travel I think and we need to be ready to tackle any such things while travelling solo. Here is a link to my post about tips to travel in Japan in my latest blog.

10 People You Don’t Want To Travel With


  1. Can never be happy
  2. Complain a lot about something or the other
  3. In-flexible with environment
  4. Extremely moody
  5. Fearful and nervous about everything and anything and scream all the time
  6. Never leave work in office but rather live with it all the time
  7. Party animals and can’t stop drinking
  8. Won’t give a damn to the rules of any new place and would love to live according to what they think is right
  9. No risk-takers – Everything is too dear to risk for them in life
  10. Not ready to learn anything new at any time

Last minute check before travelling


Most Important things:

  1. Passport / ID card depending upon where (domestic/international) you are travelling is available
  2. Air/train/bus ticket handy
  3. Visa is stamped if required
  4. Stay is arranged at the destination
  5. Backpack / suitcase ready for travelling
  6. Clothes packed as per the weather of the destination
  7. Medicines are available as per the individual requirement
  8. Copy a list of important numbers and save them separately in case of emergency (phone’s battery is dead)

Other Important things:

  1. Printout/copy of all the booked tours is handy
  2. Camera is charged and handy to take pictures with enough memory
  3. Phone is charged
  4. Phone has got the roaming activated if required
  5. Web-check in is done as it expedite the process while you are in the airport these days
  6. You have got the credit card working and also have some cash with you
  7. Check the fees that is charged on your card and keep the online banking details handy

Last but not the least keep smiling as sometimes preparation can be stressful but you need to remember that travel makes you happy 🙂