Top 5 crazy things you can do in India

India is a land of spirituality and festivals. People go to India for different reasons. Some of them are listed here:

Spiritual Meditation Yoga
Exotic Culture Food
Travel a new country Attend a marriage Seventh wonder – Taj Mahal
Stop Over Work Study – very less
Trekking Adventure Live

But there is a crazy side of India as well and five of them you can do are listed here.

  1. Diving with elephants – You must have heard of diving with sharks, whales, dolphins and many other sea life creatures, but elephants. Yes, you can do such things in India in Andaman. Its a good location for diving. Emerald Isles is the place where you can either snorkel or dive with this amazing elephant called Rajan.
  2. Feed rats – Don’t throw the food if a rat has bitten it. It doesn’t sound very appealing right, but there is a temple in India where people feed rats and eat the food bitten by rat with high regards. It is a house for more than 20,000 rats and spotting a white rat is considered auspicious for religious purposes.
  3. Self driven car – It’s very unlikely that you will get a car that can drive itself. But something that can never happen anywhere can happen in India. Yes there is a place in Ladakh called Magnetic Hill where if you stop your car and put it to neutral then it will start moving at the speed of 10-20 KM per hour. No it is not a ghost town but there are some
  4. Live in a tree house  – Why not, live the dream you had since your childhood and live in the tree house in Kerala. Vythiri Resort provides a comfortable to live in a tree house where you will have all the luxury you can imagine with an amazing view of this bird territory.
  5. Auto-rickshaw race – Now this is not so out-of-the-box after all. But still sounds a bit wired. This challenge  is called MUMBAI XPRESS. This 14 days challenge will cover 1900 KM (approx. 1180 miles) and can be done in a team of two. It starts every year in August from Mumbai and ends in July in Chennai. You can see the variety of the geography (from hills to valley and beaches) doing this if you ever fancy going completely crazy.

42 comments on “Top 5 crazy things you can do in India

  1. They all sound amazing! I’ve seen many auto-rickshaws coasting down-hill with the engines turned off in a bit of a combination of 3 and 5, but that’s not quite as exciting as what you’re described… I would love to do a long-distance race in one but perhaps my bottom wouldn’t enjoy it 🙂

    • awe…that is so nice of you to say Jack..I am so glad that you like my posts 🙂 real honor to hear this…I will keep it updated with new things …and always love to read from you dear

  2. Kavita, I have been to India 9 times, unfortunately at a time when I was not into photography and on stressful business trips. I would arrive at the office and at 9:30 AM be ordered to go to Bombay immediately. By 3 PM I would be on a Jet.

    • know Bollywood Jalal…it is quiet wild when I came to know about these things I thought I might just go home and go crazy sometimes 😉 thanks for writing here dear 🙂

    • Sorry didn’t mean to say “white gal” that sounds like I’m prejudice or something. I meant to say “stupid American.” No wait, that sounds just as bad if not worse. I mean to ask if its safe for a girl not indigenous to the area to travel there safely alone by following a marked way or path of some sort. Is there a marked way or path of some sort?

      Okay I’m done. I’m a total idiot and I should just stay home. Thanks for liking my blog posts 😀

    • hehehehe…Helena you made me smile with your comment…love to hear from you my dear…yes I guess India has got a spiritual side mostly so I am trying to create another sides for the readers as well 🙂 I would love to provide more insight if you plan to go there my dear 🙂

  3. Hi Kavita ,great achievement 200 posts.Thank you for visiting my site.Warm regards.jalal

  4. With the rickshaw one had me imagine taking turns to pull one another in a cart the style of which also used to be a feature of Durban beachfront!
    Feeding rats is not high on my list of things that will fill me with joy.

  5. Wow! What great insight you have given us. Diving with elephants – I haven’t never heard of that before and the rat thing is awesome. Some people view rats as vermin or pests but it is wonderful to hear that one can dine with them and respect them in such a way.

    • Nice to know that you found it interesting dear…a few things I would be doing in India soon and would post about it as well when I do. Yes, India is big as well as mix of a lot of things to do there at the same time. I know right, when I came to know about rat it surprised me a lot and as a diver it was awesome to learn about elephants as well. Made me feel like sharing with others that moment. What’s the strangest thing you have seen in your city or country my friend…if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

      I appreciate your comment here my friend.. wish u a very happy and wonderful weekend!

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